Get Started

What You Need

To use the library for Processing, make sure your setup meets the following minimum requirements:-

The newer versions of the requirements will be fine.


  1. Install Android SDK. Follow the steps outlined in Processing Android Wiki at

  2. Check your device's Android Version. Accordingly, determine the ke:tai library version you need to use. (ke:tai version for Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or Jelly Bean 4.1, vs. ke:tai for Gingerbread 2.33 or Honeycomb 3.0)

  3. If you have Android versions 4.0 or higher, you can install the library release from within Processing IDE. Go to Sketch Add Library Import Library and search for "Ketai". Select the library and click on install.

  4. In Processing IDE, choose "Add mode" from the menu to install Android mode.

  5. Android OS might sometimes have dependecies specific to your system setup. To install Windows USB Driver, click here. To setup your device for Linux, follow the instructions here.

Write your first sketch

  1. Launch Processing application. Once it launches an empty sketch window, switch to Android Mode

  2. Type the following code in the editor

     void setup()
     void draw() {
             ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, mouseX-pmouseX, mouseY-pmouseY);
  3. Put your Android device in "USB Debugging" via "Developer options"

  4. Plug your device into your Desktop and run the sketch from Processing. Your sketch should run on the Android Device.


The following book includes a comprehensive introduction to the ke:tai library with more than 40 projects.

The book comes with project source code, and is available at the The Pragmatic Bookshelf

Rapid Android Development