public class KBluetoothListener extends Thread

The listener interface for receiving KBluetooth events. The class that is interested in processing a KBluetooth event implements this interface, and the object created with that class is registered with a component using the component's addKBluetoothListener method. When the KBluetooth event occurs, that object's appropriate method is invoked.

  • See also: KBluetoothEvent
private final BluetoothServerSocket mmServerSocket

The mm server socket.

private String mSocketType

The m socket type.

private BluetoothAdapter mAdapter

The m adapter.

private KetaiBluetooth btManager

The bt manager.

private boolean go = true

The go.

public KBluetoothListener(KetaiBluetooth btm, boolean secure)

Instantiates a new k bluetooth listener.

  • Parameters:
    • btm — the Bluetooth Managing class
    • secure — secure setting
public void cancel()

Cancel-close out resources