public class KetaiNFC implements CreateNdefMessageCallback, OnNdefPushCompleteCallback

The KetaiNFC class provides access the Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities on supported platforms. This includes access to android Beam (tm) services.

To access data from NFC services a sketch can define the following methods:

void onNFCEvent(String txt) - get text from text formatted NFC tags
void onNFCEvent(byte[] data) - get raw data from NFC tag
void onNFCEvent(URI _uri) - get URI from URI formatted tags

void onNFCWrite(boolean success, String message) - get status from a write operation
- message will contain the error if the operation failed

private PApplet parent

The parent.

private Method onNFCEventMethod_String, onNFCWriteMethod, onNFCEventMethod_URI, onNFCEventMethod_bArray

The on nfc event method_b array.

private IntentFilter[] mFilters

The m filters.

private String[][] mTechLists

The m tech lists.

private NfcAdapter mAdapter

The m adapter.

private NdefMessage messageToWrite, messageToBeam

The message to beam.

private PendingIntent p

The p.

NdefFormatable tag

The tag.

Ndef ndefTag

The ndef tag.

public KetaiNFC(PApplet pParent)

Instantiates a new ketai nfc.

the calling sketch/Activity

  • Parameters: pParent
public void resume()


public void pause()

Pause. (used by the android platform for management)

public void onNewIntent(Intent intent)

Called with a new intent event is triggered.

the intent

  • Parameters: intent
public void handleIntent(Intent intent)

Handle intent.(used by the android platform for management)

the intent

  • Parameters: intent
public static NdefRecord newTextRecord(String text, Locale locale, boolean encodeInUtf8)

New text record.

the text the locale the encode in utf8

  • Parameters:
    • text
    • locale
    • encodeInUtf8
  • Returns: the ndef record
public void write(URI _url)

Write a URL to a tag

the _url

  • Parameters: _url
public void write(String textToWrite)

Write text to a tag

the text to write

  • Parameters: textToWrite
public void beam(String textToWrite)


the text to beam to device

  • Parameters: textToWrite
public void write(byte[] _data)

Write generic byte array

the _data to write

  • Parameters: _data
public void cancelWrite()

Cancel pending write operation

private void writeNFCString(Tag t)

Write nfc string to a tag

the tag reference

  • Parameters: t
private void initAdapter()

Init the NFC adapter and the p.

private void findParentIntentions()

Find parent intentions.