public class KetaiWiFiDirect extends BroadcastReceiver implements ChannelListener, ConnectionInfoListener, ActionListener, PeerListListener

The KetaiWiFiDirect class is an experimental class that provides a wifi direct access to a sketch. WifiDirect provides peer-to-peer networking between devices. No wireless infrastructure is needed.

PApplet parent

The parent.

private WifiP2pManager manager

The manager.

private boolean isWifiP2pEnabled = false

The is wifi p2p enabled.

private boolean retryChannel = false

The retry channel.

private List<WifiP2pDevice> peers = new ArrayList<WifiP2pDevice>()

The peers.

private final IntentFilter intentFilter = new IntentFilter()

The intent filter.

private Channel channel

The channel.

private String ip = ""

The ip.

public KetaiWiFiDirect(PApplet _parent)

Instantiates a new ketai wi fi direct object

  • Parameters: _parent — the calling sketch/Activity/PApplet
private void initIntentFilter()

Initializes the intent filter

public void setIsWifiP2pEnabled(boolean isWifiP2pEnabled)

Sets the checks if wifi p2p enabled.

  • Parameters: isWifiP2pEnabled — the new checks if is wifi p2p enabled
public void resume()

Resume. (used by android activity administration)

public void pause()

Pause.(used by android activity administration)

private void connectToConfig(WifiP2pConfig config)

Connect using a specified configuration

  • Parameters: config — the config
public void disconnect()

Disconnect. clean out resources

public void cancelDisconnect()

Cancel disconnect.

public void getConnectionInfo()

Gets the connection information.

public String getIPAddress()

Gets the iP address used by the connection.

  • Returns: the iP address
public void discover()


public String getHardwareAddress()

Gets the hardware address of the wifi interface

  • Returns: the hardware address
public void reset()


public ArrayList<String> getPeerNameList()

Gets the peer name list.

  • Returns: the peer name list
public void connect(String deviceName)

Connect to a device by name.

  • Parameters: deviceName — the device name