public class TextRecord implements ParsedNdefRecord

An NFC Text Record.

private final String mLanguageCode

ISO/IANA language code.

private final String mText

The m text.

private TextRecord(String languageCode, String text)

Instantiates a new text record.

  • Parameters:
    • languageCode — the language code
    • text — the text
public String getText()

Gets the text.

  • Returns: the text
public String getLanguageCode()

Returns the ISO/IANA language code associated with this text element.

  • Returns: the language code
public static TextRecord parse(NdefRecord record)

Parses the.

  • Parameters: record — the record
  • Returns: the text record
public static boolean isText(NdefRecord record)

Checks if is text.

  • Parameters: record — the record
  • Returns: true, if is text