public class KetaiGesture implements OnGestureListener, OnDoubleTapListener

Provides gesture recognition services to a processing sketch. To receive gesture events a sketch can define the following methods:

void onTap(float x, float y) - x, y location of the tap
void onDoubleTap(float x, float y) - x,y location of double tap
void onFlick(float x, float y, float px, float py, float v) - x,y where flick ended, px,py - where flick began, v - velocity of flick in pixels/sec
void onScroll(int x int y) - not currently used
void onLongPress(float x, float y) - x, y position of long press
void onPinch(float x, float y, float r) - x,y of center, r is the distance change
void onRotate(float x, float y, float a) - x, y of center, a is the angle change in radians

PApplet parent

The parent.

GestureDetector gestures

The gestures.

KetaiGesture me

The me.

Method onDoubleTapMethod, onScrollMethod, onFlickMethod, onTapMethod, onLongPressMethod, onPinchMethod, onRotateMethod

The on rotate method.

HashMap<Integer, PVector> cursors = new HashMap<Integer, PVector>()

The cursors.

HashMap<Integer, PVector> pcursors = new HashMap<Integer, PVector>()

The pcursors.

public KetaiGesture(PApplet _parent)

Instantiates a new ketai gesture.

  • Parameters: _parent — the PApplet/sketch
public void touchEvent(TouchEvent e)

Touch event.

  • Parameters: e — the e
public boolean surfaceTouchEvent(MotionEvent event)

Surface touch event.

  • Parameters: event — the event
  • Returns: true, if successful
private void findParentIntentions()

Find parent intentions.

private synchronized void analyse()